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Position available: Head coach

Oppdatert: 5. jul. 2022

Moss Badmintonklubb is the largest Badmintonclub in Norway, and we are now seeking a new full time Head Coach.

During the pandemic our members base grew from appx. 250 members to 439 members (31.12.2021). This is in line with our reviewed and renewed ambitions for the future.

Mossbk has since the very beginning, in 1973, been one of the largest badminton clubs in Norway and a powerhouse to be reckoned with. Our long list of winners (scroll down to NM Senior) of the senior nationals is a testimony to this. Our current sr elite athletes has a total of 8 gold medals from the last 5 years, and among them they have been voted best athlete in the nationals for 3 of the 4 last championships. For the 2022/2023 season they will be ready for on-court sessions in Mossehallen.

Our main goal for this group is to qualify for the Olympics 2024.

We have a strong group of U17-U19 athletes. Among them, 5 players are invited to participate in training camps hosted by the federation this summer (2022). The group has taken 4 gold, 2 silver and 6 bronze medals during the U15/U17 nationals the past 2 seasons. They also took bronze medal during the team event.

Our U19 players achieved 1 silver and 3 bronze medals.

This highly motivated group is our present and future gold medal winners.

On average they have 10-12hrs of on-court sessions pr week. For the upcoming season we have the possibility for saturday sessions as well.

In collaboration with our local college we offer morning/day-time training sessions.

Our main goal for the near-future of this group is to win the Norwegian Elite series within 3 years. We will reach for the international circuit or maybe the Olympics.

Our advanced newcomers in U13 and U15 have shown real good progress during the 2021/2022 season. On local tournaments they average 20-30 players, but the potential is even higher. For this group the average week consists of 5-6 hrs of on-court sessions.

Our players in the Badminton school is in the age group 6-14 years, and averages 20-40 children pr session. The focus for this group is not entirely on badminton, and they have 2x 2 hrs sessions pr week.

As a club with a keen focus on developing and including para athletes, we do expect you to be able to handle our para-athletes who participate in our normal sessions. If you do not have any particular skills or experience in this regard, you will be assisted for a soft start.

Training sessions/groups in Mossbk are based on individual skills, motivation and dedication as opposed to groups based on age. As our coach you are expected to monitor each player, and to prepare and motivate for progression. We strive not to push players up the ladder, the player must want to make the steps themselves. To assist you in this work, some of our most skilled and dedicated teenagers will support you during sessions.

In our quest to be the best and most progressive badminton club in Norway, we have a strong focus on recruitment. We need our coach to be comfortable working with badminton-rookies of a young age and/or teens.

We understand that as a coach with ambitions, you want to focus on "elite development". One of our challenges is that badminton is a small sport in Norway. Therefore we need you to understand, and be prepared for, that recruitment is at the very core for our clubs future. You will be assisted during the rookie-sessions in Mossehallen, but from time-to-time you will work alone in nearby school-projects.

At Mossbk we do our very best to include athletes with physical disabilities and athletes with learning disabilities. Mossbk is a pioneering club in this regard: we were the first badminton club in Norway to incorporate a Special-group in our weekly sessions. We hosted the first Norwegian special-camp and tournament and in 2021 we hosted the first international special-badminton camp and tournament. Our special-group have 4 hrs on-court sessions every week, with their own coach. You are not expected to give or to plan sessions, but we welcome tips and tricks on how to progress.

Our main goal for our para- and special-athletes is to have participants in Paralympics / Special Olympics.

During this summer, our training facilities will receive upgraded, professional-level lighting, and will be broadcast-ready.

We will also receive markings for 3 new training courts, giving us a total of 15 courts for training sessions.


Mossbk seeks to appoint a skilled, motivated and motivating head coach for the club. As our coach you must be ambitious on behalf of the athletes and the club, and your work ethics must reflect that.

The duties of the position include:

  • Responsibility for all aspects of training and coaching for all levels of badminton athletes (planning and implementing training sessions, daily on-court coaching, competition programs in collaboration with the Sport Committee of the club)

  • Responsibility to develop the training structures and training development programs of MoBK on both a weekly and seasonal basis.

  • Travels for national (and some international) events may be foreseen.

  • The head coach is reporting to the leader of the Sports Committee.

Qualification and experience

  • Official training accreditation or ability to achieve required accreditation.

  • Recent experience in planning, organizing, managing and implementing a comprehensive coaching and training program for youth and adult elite athletes.

  • Excellent motivator skills.

  • On court skills are very important and will be rated very highly.

  • Develop and implement strategy / game plan on individual basis.

  • Able to define badminton goals and objectives and the means to achieve.

  • Effective communication in oral and written English as a minimum.

Salary and conditions

Contractual details are to be agreed between the successful applicant and MoBK.

Start date:

15. september. For the right coach we are willing to wait until 2.nd of January.

If you are interested, have the skills and are ready to take on giants;

please send your application included full curriculum vitae no later than 01. August to:

Att: Tor-Egil Kristensen

Chairman of the Board

Phone: +47 90523110

Additional info:

Rune Lavik Haug

Head of sports & Special-coach

Phone & WhatsApp: +47 47400027

Available position as Club coach condensed info
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