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fre. 07. okt.


Hoppern skole

🏸 SpecialCamp & Tournament 2022

It's time for our yearly SpecialCamp & -tournament. Bookings available now.

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🏸 SpecialCamp & Tournament 2022
🏸 SpecialCamp & Tournament 2022

Time & place

07. okt. 2022, 16:00 – 09. okt. 2022, 12:00

Hoppern skole, Tronvikvegen 36, 1517 Moss, Norge


The 2021 SpecialCamp & tournament marked a big step for us with participation from Denmark 🇩🇰 .

This move of the venue will cut down on the transport between hotel and sessions.

We hope this move shows our dedication and commitment. 

We can offer sleeping for a total/Max of 44 people (athletees & support team). This includes extra matress in some of the rooms.

Please note

- We encourage any Special-athlete to participate regardless of personal challenges. 

- There are no age restrictions, and we encourage athletes of any age to participate. 

- Athletes should understand and be familiar with the concept of training sessions. 

- The athletes must understand English as a spoken language or have an assistant to

translate from / to native tongue. 

- Assistants / coaches are expected to assist the athlete with unfamiliar exercises or


- Assistants / coaches are expected to be familiar with the sport of badminton and to

assist during training sessions, ie. with shuttle feeding and / or on-court guiding in movements / footwork etc.

- To facilitate the tournament, all players must be categorized in different skill-levels. 5 levels available.


- There is no single purpose of this event more important than the other. But, some of our main objectives are to achieve good training sessions with high levels of activity, and for all athletes to experience the joy of playing this fantastic sport and experience achievements and victory on a personal level.

- On a different level, but equally important, is if the coaches and support-teams manage to tie contacts between clubs of different nationalities, and also to exchange notes and thoughts on how to drive our athletes forwards.

- Wether you are a devoted parent/sibling/friend of a Special athlete, or a professional badminton coach, we encourage you to make the plunge and dive into this low- threshold event. Be brave, if not for yourself, but on behalf of the athlete/-s you support. Together we can grow, and make great things happen.

Booking / Stay

  • We can offer cheap and clean rooms for your stay. 1.100Nkr per person for the weekend. Singleroom, Doubleroom and matress is same price for our convenience.
  • Breakfast included.
  • Linens and towels included.
  • Shower and toilet in each room.

Camp Fee:

  • 500Nkr pr athlete / 300Nkr for supportteam members.
  • Includes hot lunch saturday & sunday (lactose & glutenfree)
  • Medal (for athletes)
  • T-Shirt for all participants.

Schedule / Timeplan

  • 2 timer

    Meet and greet


  • 1 time 30 minutter

    Hotel check-in

    Jeløy kurs og konferansesenter
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